March 16th, 2008

keep calm


Firstly, I *finally* got around to inhaling the S4 Atlantis that I had been unable to watch up until now...

I'm all like... ALL LORNE, ALL THE TIME!!! How can I love a secondary character so much? I need to write an epic LORNE story... and the Lorne/Novak peeps might keel me dead but... am I the only one that thinks Lorne/Keller would be the cutest thing EVA?

Secondly - do I sign up for Sweet Charity *again* when I am still putting the finishing touches on my first Sweet Charity fic? Were these really close together or am I that slow now that I'm not writing at work? Hehehee...

Aaaand thirdly... truly The Legacy is keeping our little fannish hearts a-flutter while we wait for new eps of SPN *and* have managed to make me miss Gilmore Girls like burning AT THE SAME TIME!

Basically... Collapse )
keep calm


Made Of Lose -

Damn you Yahoo!

Once again you have decided to start popping my comment notifications into the Bulk mail, never to be seen again spam folder, FOR NO APPARENT REASON!!

Does anyone know how to stop this happening other than manually moving the comments notifications back into the inbox until Yahoo starts getting the message again??

Made Of Win -

I have finished my first Sweet Charity fic! *dances* I'm just doing some tweaking but it should be up by Tuesday at the latest. Then all I have to go in the Must Be Done basket is Big Bang and maybe... signing up for Sweet Charity again... because yays! This is fun... :D I'm thinking I'll allow myself to do this because I was *going* to sign up for Remix and totally missed the deadline because I am crap... *sad face*