March 9th, 2008

keep calm

Question for my tech-inclined friends

My flatmate's computer is doing something whacky.

The monitor is going black just after windows startup. You can hear stuff going but the whole screen goes black. But it will start up and be fine in safe mode.

Has anyone heard/seen something like this or have any ideas?

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope...

Edited to add: Wait - never mind. My google-fu is strong. It was just a matter of using the LCD switch key to change to default primary monitor back to the actual computer and not an external monitor. Thanks ha!

*victory arms*
keep calm

Todo is a four letter word...


Yes, you. No, don't go all looking behind you with a wide-eyed who me? Would you people please stop posting such amazing fic already?? I need to WRITE MY OWN but no, instead for my lazy writing Sunday I have been *reading*. I have word docs open and I keep going back to my friends list just to skim and whoops, there goes another hour.

*throws up abject defeated hands of doom*

There's been all this amazing, amazing John/Rodney and so I'm rediscovering my love and have been working on the J/R amnesiastrandedoffworldaliensmadethemdoit fic even though I have things with actual DEADLINES...

Why do they call them deadlines? Because I will stop functioning if I don't hurry up and finish them ohmygodnow!!

Okay, all this is my lead-up to my to-do list. Ha!

spn_j2_bigbang fic.
Deadline - First draft - May 1 (Oh thank god, I got it into my head that it was April... ha!)
Progress - 3,216 words. However, that first section has also been beta'd so I'm calling it a win.
Snippet - I'm conscious of the fact that it needs to be sekrit for the artists but if you're interested I have a Big Bang filter that will be updated soon.

Sweet Charity Fic - Request Sam with powers. (I am also including my bidders requests in my next wing!fic piece)
Deadline - I'm sure there is one but I can't find it at the moment. Whenever my winner starts sending me threatening emails I guess?
Progress - 4,211 (No word limit other than being over 1,000 words)
Snippet - Collapse )

Cliche Fic - Dean/Sam Amnesia fic.
Deadline - None.
Progress - 1,391
Snippet - Collapse )

Cliche Fic - John/Rodney asowamtdi!fic.
Deadline - None
Progress - 2,970
Snippet - Collapse )

Eyas Parts 2 and 3.
Deadline - None except for the milling hordes who are gathering torches as we speak.
Progress - Almost done!!
Snippet from part two - Collapse )

Hoo boy! Am I forgetting something? These are just priorities right now, definitely not everything I'm planning on writing/finishing.