February 29th, 2008

keep calm

Death Bunny demands your attention

deidre_c mentioned pining for stories that you want RIGHT NOW and it got me thinking...

What is a story you've always pined for but never found... or a story that you pined for AND found... Or a story you got tired of waiting for and wrote yourself? Maybe just a wishlist of things you'd like to see in a story?

You never know... maybe someone will get inspired. Maybe I'll get inspired... (because I need something to write other than my cliche fics, my big bang fic and my sweet charity fic... OI WITH THE POODLES ALREADY!!)

I have really only *skirted* RPS but I have the strangest hankering for a J2 version of Untamed Heart... If it's not out there I might have to write it myself and just really give up all pretense of NOT DOING THAT... haahahaaa...