February 13th, 2008

Winged Sam

"Untitled Ficlets"

Some wing!fic ficlets by request - set pre, during and post the current wing!fic arc.

Title: Untitled Ficlets
Rating/Warning: Mature (language)
Wordcount: 1,574
Spoilers: None
Fandom: SPN
By: kellifer_fic
Category: Gen
Notes: Part of my gen wing!fic verse. Thanks to *superfox* for the superfast beta. Further author's notes at the bottom.
Disclaimer: Written for entertainment purposes only. No money, no sue.

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keep calm

A question for my more tech-inclined friends...

What's the best way to permanently delete the stuff off your computer? Is it one of the scramble programs that you can purchase and if so, has anyone had any good stuff from any of them available?

The one I've find is a freeware file 'shredder' - here.

Basically, while I would figure my work laptop will be just re-imaged and deployed or stuck in a cupboard never to see the light of day again, I can't *really* assume that's going to happen. Basically, I know someone with at least a little IT savvy can retrieve deleted files and I really want any writing I did on this computer (fannish and otherwise) completely gone. Not because it's naughty per se (I didn't really *do* that on this computer just for the sole reason that it really wasn't mine forever and ever) but I just... *makes helpless hands*

I just want to make sure, y'know?
Rory/Dean cuuuuuuute!


Well, this has rolled around *way* too fast but I'm going to have to declare my mini-hiatus (hopefully only a few weeks... fingers crossed!!). I will have very minimal access to LJ and am actually going up the coast and leaving LJ-land behind in my break.

Please comment to this post with any news/stories/piccies you post over the next little while. I'm serious... it's not called self-pimping if I make puppy eyes at you for the goodies...

I'll be back before you know it.


I am on a mini-break

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