February 4th, 2008


Going and going and going...

Firstly - svmadelyn is running the Valentine's Day Game again, where you can anonymously tell people how much you love them. Go share the love!

Now, progress on the cliche fic month. It might help me if I didn't have a completely new idea for an SPN fic... which I am going to resist... maybe...

Posted - The Pen Is Mouthier Than The Sword - SPN, Telepathy / Dean has powers / Living!Impala.

In Progress

SG-1 - Outsider POV / Telepathy

Collapse )

SPN - Amnesia!fic

Collapse )

SGA - McKay/Sheppard Amnesia!fic / Accidental coming out / aliens made them do it / stranded offworld.

No snippet... it's on my harddrive at home... d'oh!

Still to start - Gilmore Girls, Amnesia!apocafic / zombies.
Winged Sam

Wing!fic soundtrack

I've been happily listening to the wing!fic soundtrack I made for a month now and realised... I never uploaded it.

I'm kind of in the mood to write little snippets set in the wing!fic 'verse so if you have a request, speak up now. These will be outside the larger arc... call them filler episodes until I get done the next longer story.

It can be set anytime... wee!wingfic or post-arc (since I've already started dabbling in the future)... or even missing scenes from the stories already posted.

I'll post the snippets along with the soundtrack by the end of the week.