February 1st, 2008

keep calm

Friday Fic Recs: Multifandom

This Town Is A Song About You by femmenerd, (Gilmore Girls, Rory/Dean) - Eeee...! Just adorable and in-character and squishily cute.

Life Under The Observer Affect by annakovsky, (The Office, Pam/Jim, Pam/Ryan) - I wasn't expecting to like this so much because I've always loved Pam/Jim... but this was lovely and just so spot on.

Bend Low Towards The Dirt by surrealis, (SG-1, Jack/Cam, Apocafic) - Jenn always does awesome, gritty apocafic which is just the way I like it and this pairing is just...yum.

The Application of Practical Physics by siraeve, (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, AU) - Sweet college!au which I'm a sucker for.

17.5: A Love Story by helenish, (SGA, John/Rodney) - Rodney is turned into a twenty year old, there is affection and sweetness and the funny!

No One Can Save You Who Can't Be Saved by black_regalia, (SPN, Gen) - Long and hurty and delicious. This is the boys and this is how it should be.

Five Families John Winchester Never Had by cofax7, (SPN, Gen) - Five possibilities...

Cold Comforts by sholio, (SGA, Gen, h/c) - I couldn't summarise it better than the author - It was going to be the most embarrassing obituary ever: M. Rodney McKay, age 39. Fell down a hole.