January 24th, 2008

keep calm


I think there's only three days left to buy me at Sweet Charity's special one-off auction.

(The person currently winning me is probably all like shutup, SHUTUP, no pimping...!! hehehee... )

BTW - I also got a new job! *dances* It's more reasonable hours, better money and promise of promotion in 6-12 months.

The downside?

Basically, my job currently has insanely busy periods and also periods where I'm not doing ANYTHING. You're probably all wondering how I could write so much fic while working full time and still having a RL... this is pretty much why. I write at work when there is NOTHING else to do...

The job I am going into won't be like that. I will be consistently busy which I prefer and will be less frustrating but my writing time will be curtailed quite a lot. I probably won't even be on LJ during the day anymore because they are big on monitoring internet usage.

Also - I may be in between functional laptops for a little while because my own Toshiba is pretty much dead and my work one which I've been using as my primary laptop... is just that. A work one which I may have to hand back. (I'm investigating whether I can buy it as a reconditioned as my work often does sell them because it is now four years old and will therefore be thrown out rather than given to anyone... which... no, just no. *clings to lappie*)

So there'll be a slow down, but definitely not a stop of any kind. I have Big Bang to think about, plus my sweet charity fic soon. I'm planning on finishing the Ronon/John/Rodney captured in Sateda story and the final chapter of Palest Moon.

There will be fic. Oh yes, there will be fic... :)