January 19th, 2008


This is not the fic rec post you were looking for...

Firstly, just a quick note that for sweet charity, there has been actual bidding... on me! *makes almost only-dog-can-hear-frequency happy noises*

Doing a meme is totally cheating but basically this is what I'm reduced to since I've had shoulder pain of doom so my sitting in front of computer time has been severely reduced. Basically, I'm here until my shoulder notices what I'm doing and is all, "Um hello, remember me? I'm that pain that makes you feel like your whole arm is just going to drop right out. All I ask is that you don't drive/use the computer/actually have any weight hanging off me including your arm which I know you can't actually accomplish without amputation... " Did I mention my pain is a rambler?

So, that tv show meme that's been doing the rounds (ganked from PT) Spoilers for 2nd last season of Alias and Buffy.

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