January 4th, 2008

keep calm

Friday Fic Recs: Multifandom

I have more than usual because I have been lax! Because I have more than usual I'm just going to put a general caveat on them all. If they are on the list, you should read them because I squee'd, I cried, I laughed, I thought, I thanked whatever divinity you believe in that these people decided one day that they wanted to write fanfiction.


Epiphanies You've Known All Along by argosy - SGA, McKay/Sheppard.

Ficlets by pheebs1 - I'm *mostly* recommending my ficlet which is a Heroes/SPN Peter/Sam fic because... yummeh! But there's also Sam/Sara, GG/SPN fic Sam/Rory, Dean/Wesley (whoo!) and a couple of others all in the same post... whee!

Raising The Dead By Numbers by estei. SPN, Gen fic.

Something To Cry For, And Something To Hunt by oxoniensis, SPN, Sam/Sarah.

An Imprecise Process by ana_grrl, SGA, Lorne/Sheppard.

When The Weather Outside Is Frightful And Maybe Rodney Is Too by thegrrrl2002, SGA, John/Rodney.

Xmas Ficlet Thing by surreallis, SG-1, Sam/Jack/Cam, apocafic.

And Truth, Beauty by trinityofone, SGA, John/Rodney.

Always Alone, Even In A Crowd by Merfilly. Aliens Movie - Ripley/Hicks.

Fibonacci by rageprufrock, CSI, Greg/Nick.

Seasonal Affective by mardahin, SGA, Lorne/Novak.

The Lame Duck Congress by musefool, SPN, Gen.

With This Body by sheafrotherdon, SGA, John/Rodney.

And to end on - some art which is just so completely divine.

The Pegasus Tinies by argosy and _kiden (Spoilers for all aired seasons).