January 2nd, 2008

keep calm

2008 Year In Review

So, thought it was appropriate for my first entry for 2008 to be a 2007 review but then I started going through my fic and realised I didn't have the necessary eleventy billion hours it would take. So, feel free to ask me a question about any fic I've written in 2007. What I was thinking when I wrote it, where I'm going or do I have any plans to continue any particular verse, what was another character thinking in the story...? etc...

The Friday Fic Recs are resuming this week and I have the 2nd part of Wolves At The Door and a new installment of wing!fic to post this week.

I'm feeling better about the world today. 2008, you'd better kickass or you're fired!
keep calm

The rest of the firsts... in commentfic form