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Reads - rec me!

Anyone have any recs for longer fic / podfic for me to download for my Xmas roadtrip? Feel free to use it as an excuse to Incept me into a fandom I don't normally ready/dabble in.

I remember being recced an amazing TSN podfic and then after that I was reading ALL THE THINGS!!

Feel free to point me to rec lists if you've seen some useful ones.
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Charity fic items

The lastest round of Charity auction-ness has prompted something in my back brain to say hey, I think you owe some people some things.

I'm pretty sure I still owe some charity items somewhere and I always prided myself on getting those done but I've lost track of for who and what they wanted - I have a massive pile of WIPs - some of which I am SURE are started projects for auction fills.

If it's you, I'm sorry and please contact me so I can get them done finally - even if you've changed your mind about what you want :)

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As the Xmas season draws nigh:

- If anyone has me on their card list (I know a few of you do!) - I have moved. I am in the same apartment complex but in a different apartment and I have been crap and haven't done the forwarding thing yet because till this week my flatmates were still in the original apartment. If you were planning to send me something - message me and I'll give you my new deets!

- If you would like a card from Australia - drop me a comment or send a PM with your deets. (Yes - I still have some charity care packages owing - I have been crap but intend to organise and send everything at once). Comments are screened.

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(no subject)

Sorry to anyone that‘s been waiting on anything from me in the last few days - I was in a car accident. I‘m mostly fine - on the mend but will be only online for very short bursts over the next few days so everything is on hold :( Hoping to be back to regularly scheduled Kellifer very soon!
Stiles Rawr

Dear Podficcer letter for #ITPE 2015

Dear Podficcer,

This is my first time - so be gentle! This is basically a guide but go wherever the podfic tide takes you my friend - I will love it regardless.

Fandoms I would like to hear:

Teen Wolf: Stiles/Derek preferred but if it's super charming or funny or has lots of pack feels I can see the attraction of gen or other pairings.

MCU: Steve/Tony, Clint/Darcy, Darcy/Peter Parker being bros (I don't know why it appeals so much but it does!). Again, found families, domesticity, humor, anything like that is a super like. If the whole Avengers team adopts Peter Parker and spends the entire fic giving him noogies I would love it. Not sure if that story exists but if it does then wahoo!

Inception: Arthur/Eames all the way. Unrequited pining, requited pining, both of them being badass, both of them being complete nincompoops, it's all good.

Atlantis: John/Rodney - I have re-discovered my love of this ship and these stories recently through podfic and the Farm In Iowa series so it seems appropriate to put it on the list.

Tropes and things that I enjoy: Found/chosen families. Domesticity. Slow build or established relationships - love it all. Werewolves and/or shapeshifters or vampires or dragons. AUs and movie/television fusions are huge favourites.

Squicks and things for potential avoidance: Noncon and/or dubcon. PWPs. No dismemberment/maiming/rape, cannibalism, scat, psychological torture, heavy jealousy or animal harm. Character death isn't a flat out no if it's important to the story, but if it's a death to get someone out of the way of the OTP then I'm not really into that.

Need any clarification or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask a mod to pass it on or you can comment anonymously here and I will answer. If it helps, check out what I've previously bookmarked on AO3 just for some ideas.

Thank you for signing up to this - I look forward to whatever you produce and can't wait to listen!
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(no subject)

Okay - so I pretty much skim LJ and DW most days - but the last time I actually posted was April? Really? I think I don't realize because I use DW to write at work so it looks like I'm posting all the time. So, this meme going around which is useful for a catch up!

So what have you been up to? / Major life changes? Same old same old?

I've moved... into another apartment in the same building complex. So, that's not really major but what is is that I'm no longer living with the flatmates I was with for 8 years. Nothing bad - they are moving to the US so me getting another place before they go and a place coming up in the same complex means everything is easy peasy. My bestie is Aussie and her husband is American and they just got approval today for her to go so they are really going and SOON. They're basically selling their place in the next few weeks and then... *sniffs mightily* End of an era and a big change!

I will also be without my cats because we had adopted three over our years together but they are moving to a farm in the US and the cats all really love each other so even though they would have been happy with me keeping the first one me and bestie got when we first moved in, I couldn't do it. I had to go with what was best for them so even though it breaks my heart I'm letting them go.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

Still TW mostly and MCU. I've been listening to a lot of SGA podfic and some Inception lately because I'd listened to most of the longer TW fic that was available and I have about a 2 hour roundtrip commute to work so that's been fun and nostalgic.

Where do you hang out online

Here (LJ and DW), on tumblr and I'm posting to AO3 still. I also have a fannish twitter now I mostly use for podfic stuff @kellifer_podfic but other stuff creeps in there every now and again.

What are you reading?

I've been mostly listening to podfic and watching Bob's Burgers in bed before I go to sleep. I have a pile of books I want to read and never have time - I'm mostly relying on my commute podfic to get new fic these days. Argh.

What are you watching?

Still hanging in there with TW because we watch it as a household (not for much longer *cries*). Started Orphan Black recently with a mate and enjoying it (we are trading off - he makes me watch OB and I'm making him watch In The Flesh). Just random stuff otherwise. There's this English game show called Pointless I'm obsessed with lately and I'm giving this season of ANTM a go and hoping it's less all over the place. They got rid of the social media voting thank god which was weird and offputting and they've reformatted based on the Australian version. We're only on the first few eps here so no spoilers! :D

What are you making?

Still writing, making podfic (slowly, ugh).

What are you squeeing about today?

Looking forward to seeing the new Maze Runner on the weekend!

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be…

If anything, I would want to zap my brain into liking Bucky/Steve because that's where a lot of my favourite writers have migrated. Don't know why it doesn't appeal to me, it should. *sigh*

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!

Anything, everything.

What else is on your mind?

I have a whole bunch of prompts I got from tumblr to work through - including an MCU one where Tony is Darcy's dad and she's dating Steve... although I'm kinda tempted to write it as Darcy/Clint because the hilarity! (although the prompter may keel me!)
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Fandomaid Buy It Now Offers

fandomaid Nepal Earthquake Buy It Now Offers.

Thread Here

QUANTITY | 2 fics
FANDOMS | Teen Wolf - Pairing Derek/Stiles
Whatever you can manage within reason - it's all good.
ANY OTHER INFORMATION | I only ask that you make sure I'm the writer for you with what I normally write - if you're looking for a PWP I'm not your girl. Minimum word count for each fic - 3k. My Teen Wolf fic is here if you're unfamiliar.

Thread Here

QUANTITY | 2 fics
FANDOMS | Marvel Cinema Universe - Pairing Clint/Darcy
Whatever you can manage within reason - it's all good.
ANY OTHER INFORMATION | I only ask that you make sure I'm the writer for you with what I normally write - if you're looking for a PWP I'm not your girl. Minimum word count for each fic 3k. My Marvel fic is here if you're unfamiliar.

Thread Here

‘BUY IT NOW’ OFFER | Other - fun care package
QUANTITY | 2 care packages from Australia
Whatever you can manage within reason - it's all good.
ANY OTHER INFORMATION | I'll need your RL address so y'know, you need to be willing to give it up. :D
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(no subject)

Looks like all but 1 of my fics is now off the Ebooks Tree site so that's positive. Not sure if it was the DMCA or the AO3 folks working their magic so might just lock the 1 affected fic to registered users until I can work out how to get that one removed too. >:/

I suppose it's hard because unscrupulous people have noticed us since they keep shining a light in our little fandom corner and this will probably become more of a problem. It's certainly made me think about downloading anything from a "free" site, because there's always someone that's being taken advantage of at the end of the line - nothing is truly free. I've always felt safe and isolated in fandom but that's slowly being chipped away as more stuff like this happens.
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eBooks Tree argh

I thought they didn't have my stuff on here because I was using the alphabetised list search but using the search box, they have 28 of my fics on the site. With great sadness because I know a lot of people read on AO3 without accounts, I'm going to have to do as suggested and lock everything to registered users.

I've submitted a DMCA - although whether they adhere to it or not I don't know considering they are brazen enough to have the Harry Potter books on here.

Attention AO3 WRITERS!

Your fiction has most likely been stolen, repackaged, and is being sold as e-books on Ebooks Tree. Please go and 'search' for your fic (in the search box, the alphabetized list doesn't show you everything!), and then go here for more info/ to find out how to get it removed.

ETA: It's pretty funny that they've even got a podfic announcement entry on there!
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Veeeery tempting

Considering how pudgy my WIP folder has become lately!

Join us at wipbigbang
Sign up April 3 - 17, 2015 and Finish Your Sh**!

This is a Big Bang with one goal in mind: to clean out your drafts folder. These are stories that were unfinished for whatever reason, that authors returned to and completed, and the art that goes with them! All fandoms welcome!